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FootBalance’s Revolutionary 3D Scanning & Manufacturing Technology Brings Personalised Comfort Online

FootBalance’s Revolutionary 3D Scanning & Manufacturing Technology Brings Personalised Comfort Online

Following the successful launch and trial of its revolutionary 3D custom insole scanning and manufacturing technology in Finland, FootBalance sets its sights on international expansion.

FootBalance FitZone 3D & Omnichannel

Our 3D technology is encompassed in a retail omnichannel process whereby the consumer has a free computer aided foot analysis, footwear recommendation and 100% Custom Insoles moulded to their feet in the FootBalance FitZone 3D area of select stores. The customer’s personalised custom insoles are then scanned and their unique 3D scan profile is stored in the FootBalance database. Using their 3D scan profile, customers can simply re-purchase online from our website or our retail partner websites, new pairs of insoles designed for sports, work or leisure activities. Their custom insoles are produced by our patented 3D manufacturing technology and delivered to their home in a matter of days. With their personalised custom insoles, customers can enjoy all-day comfort and a perfect fit in their footwear.

FitZone 3D in-store concept

FitZone 3D creates an enhanced in-store customer experience and omnichannel solution of recurring online sales direct to consumers for our retail partners. Consumers benefit from ease of purchase and the ability to replicate their comfort across their footwear no matter their chosen activity.

FootBalance FitZone 3D, Intersport, Finland

Having launched FitZone 3D and the scanning technology in Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, FootBalance has ongoing negotiations in other European countries as well as the United States and Asia Pacific countries.

“We are proud to launch this unique technology in new countries. Our 3D production technology supports our international growth perfectly, as it offers our retailers a reliable and replicable omnichannel solution. Empowering consumers to move and creating an enhanced retail consumer experience is at the heart of everything we do – now we are able to offer them a completely new way to re-purchase custom insoles from the comfort of their own homes. We aim to achieve millions of 3D scans by the end of 2022.”, says FootBalance CEO Klaus Rauhansalo.

FootBalance FitZone 3D, Team Sportia, Sweden

FootBalance insoles customise footwear to meet consumers’ individual biomechanical needs. Our 3D technology offers unrivalled speed and cost efficiency for multi-material production and is environmentally friendly. Every insole we produce is perfectly unique. We operate at the heart of powerful consumer and industry trends; Erkki Hakkala; Founder of FootBalance

FootBalance´s innovative concept; a comprehensive foot-analysis and individually moulded insoles made directly in-store, has attracted a great deal of interest in Europe, Asia and in North America. After its commercial launch in 2007, FootBalance has grown from a domestic Finnish company into an international player, whose insoles are currently sold in 50 plus countries in approximately 1 500 stores on six continents.


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